My name is Samantha Beaulieu and I am a pre-medical student at Michigan State University. For my history of the Civil War class, we were asked to produce a digital project based on a topic we were interested in during this time period. Due to my interest in pursuing an occupation in medicine, I decided to make a website based on disease and the medical field during the Civil War.

The medical practice(s) during the Civil War paved the way for modern medicine. Information regarding harmful and helpful methods during this time period helped shape much of what we use in hospitals in the 21st century. The Civil War was a time of infectious discovery, experimental treatment, and it truly gave insight as to where deadly diseases live and thrive. This website gives an overview of every aspect of disease in the Civil War including the basic disease information of the most deadly bacterium and viruses of the Civil War, how these infections were treated, the causes of the disease, how the sickness and mortality rates effected the war, and how slavery responded to illness.

This topic is relevant in a way that gives insight to misconception. Before I studied disease and medical practice in the Civil War, I was ignorant to the fact that illness was accountable for the majority of deaths during the war. We can also give this subject purpose by alluding to the fact that many of our medical practices used today developed from ideas conceived during the Civil War time period. Modern medicine wouldn’t be the same without the discoveries made during this time.

I hope you find this website both intuitive and interesting!


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